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Our services are delivered through an exclusive partnership with
Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism.

Learn about our home-based ABA therapy services for autism in Southern New Jersey.

Kaleidoscope ABA provides home-based and community therapy in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where therapists provide treatment to your child in his or her most natural environment. We use ABA therapy techniques at home to help transfer the skills learned in treatment to real life circumstances.

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    Our Home-Based ABA Therapy Services    

    Our home-based and community therapy services help us nurture your child’s social and living skills in their natural environment. Our highly skilled, dedicated and compassionate staff will observe your child’s interactions with parents and siblings. Applying ABA therapy techniques at home helps transfer the skills learned in therapy sessions to real life circumstances such as:

    • Daily living skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Provide natural environment safety skills
    • Socializing with siblings and peers

    Our Program Goals for Your Child

    Home-based and community ABA therapy allows a child’s skills to be targeted in their natural environment, using items and situations that your child interacts with daily. We utilize items that he or she uses everyday and teach skills for situations experienced in daily living. The main goal is for your child to develop the lifelong ability to experience regular events in a positive and productive manner.

    • Establish social communication skills
    • Develop independent leisure skills
    • Encourage participation in family and community activities
    • Participate in personal and medical appointments

    Your Involvement in Home-Based ABA Therapy

    Family involvement is an important component in the delivery of ABA therapy at home. At the start, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) will meet your family in the home to conduct an assessment. Our ABA specialist and BCBA have frequent contact with the parents or guardians, and the family can observe our staff implementing the treatment plan daily. Once treatment begins, the BCBA will provide ongoing supervision to the services.

    Accepted Insurance

    If your insurance plan covers ABA therapy, the Kaleidoscope ABA program will most likely be covered.
    We can help you understand your insurance coverage for these services.


    What You Can Expect From Us

    • Your child is unique and so is every treatment plan we implement
    • You are supported by the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism
    • You can always reach us because we are completely dedicated
    • You will learn how to reinforce the skills your child practices in therapy
    • You will have a support network right in your community

    If you’re considering center-based therapy for your child and have questions about how it works and what you can expect, contact us by filling out the form above or calling 877.ABA.0399. We’re here to help!