Kaleidoscope ABA Center-Based Therapy Services

Why Center-Based ABA Therapy?

Our centers offer a structured environment to effectively deliver ABA therapy. We’ve created a fun and productive setting to receive intensive treatment while also meeting and interacting with other children.

The home can be an unpredictable environment full of lots of distractions which can make it a challenge to deliver ABA treatment to children who require comprehensive ABA therapy in the home. Our autism treatment centers create a safe predictable environment to target goals and teach skills while eliminating distractions that might be present in the home or community.

The goal of our autism-center-based therapy is to teach skills in a controlled environment and then work on transferring those same skills into other settings. This is beneficial for children of all ages, but especially in younger children. We work with them to fill in the gaps of their deficits and prepare them to be more independent as they grow older.

Our autism center behavioral programming allows us to have an area set up to model something similar to a day in an educational setting. For example, an individual may work on programs, go to snack, have frequent breaks, go to group time, then go to lunch. This can be advantageous when a child is working towards transitioning to a mainstream education classroom and will need to be able to include such routines within his or her daily schedule.

Our centers for autism and autism-related disorders are ideal for children requiring up to 25-40 hours a week of treatment. Kaleidoscope ABA Therapy centers are staffed with BCBAs, RBTs and ABA Specialists.

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Our Program Objectives

  • Increase language and communication skills
  • Teach socially significant skills
  • Establish foundation learning skills
  • Decrease behaviors of concern

We Provide

We provide a full-set of evidence-backed ABA therapy treatment services to clients in their home, community, or at one of our centers. Our clinical staff is highly qualified, trained and committed to meeting the needs of our clients.


ABA Therapy

Our home-based and community therapy allows our therapists to provide treatment in the child’s natural environment where they encounter everyday situations. This helps with the transfer of treatment to real life.


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