Our Mission

To make a positive impact in the lives of individuals, families and communities by providing services that empower children to create their own journey in life by reaching their highest potential.

KFS understands a families need for quality support services. Learn how we connect with our clients.

Our History

Kaleidoscope Family Solutions (KFS) is privately owned and has been providing services to individuals with disabilities since 2004. Since our inception, KFS has focused on in-home and in-community services that promote the healthy development of children, adults, and families through one-on-one behavioral, educational, and daily-living supports.

KFS helps individuals become independent, integrated and productive members of their community and allows them to lead everyday lives. KFS has grown to become a multi-state provider with over 19 years of experience in the field of disabilities. We have become a leader in this field by focusing on one key principle that distinguishes our services: Person-Centered Treatment.

Starting in 2019 Kaleidoscope ABA Services began providing ABA Therapy treatment in-homes as well as in our centers. The evidence-based history of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy has proven it to be a best practice model used to support and provide effective treatment to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as other behavioral and developmental disabilities. Treatment is provided individually and in small settings to create the most impact and learning opportunities for children.

Helping your child develop independence and grow into adulthood is our whole life. We strive to provide both individual and community support to your family through advocacy, offering free parent support groups and by connecting you with resources beyond our own organization. You will find strength through our local and national network of individuals and families that are part of the Kaleidoscope family and embody the Kaleidoscope ABA Way.


ABA Therapy

Our centers offer a structured environment to effectively delivery ABA therapy. A fun and productive environment to receive intensive treatment while also meeting and interactive with other children.

red-head-boy face-on-hands

ABA Therapy

Our home-based ABA therapy allows our therapists to provide treatment in the child’s natural environment where they encounter everyday situations. This helps with the transfer of treatment to real life.

Helping your child develop independence and grow into adulthood is our whole life.