A Family-Centered Approach to Therapy

You will learn how to reinforce the skills your child practices in therapy.

Kaleidoscope ABA Therapy Services provides family support services for autism, knowing that a parent is the greatest resource in helping their child reach his or her greatest potential. Parent training and participation is built into every therapy plan we create. We then train you on techniques that reinforce the skills your child learns in therapy.

Studies show that parents who are actively involved in the therapy plan can increase their child’s progress. Therefore, we operate as a family support center for autism, in which we prioritize a family-centered approach that ensures you are thoroughly educated, informed and involved.

We strive to provide both individual and community support to your family through advocacy. Kaleidoscope ABA offers free parent support groups and can also connect you with resources beyond our own organization.

Our Program Objectives

  • Establishing social communication skills
  • Natural environment safety skills
  • Independent leisure skills
  • Appropriately participating in family and community activities

One of our goals is to develop the lifelong ability to experience these events in a positive productive manner.


ABA Therapy

Our centers offer a structured environment to effectively delivery ABA therapy. A fun and productive environment to receive intensive treatment while also meeting and interactive with other children.


ABA Therapy

One of the most prevalent challenges for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder is in the area of social skills. Our social skills treatment programming works on functional skills.

We Are Here For You

How far have they come?
How far will they go?

Let’s see the world in an extraordinary way – together!

You can always reach us – we are completely dedicated to your child’s journey.


Helping your child develop independence and grow into adulthood brings joy and meaning to our daily work.