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Home-Based Therapy Services

About Home-Based Therapy Services

Home-based and community therapy allows our therapists to provide treatment in the child’s natural environment where they encounter everyday situations. Using ABA therapy techniques at home helps with the transfer of skills learned in treatment to real life circumstances.

Services provided in the home environment allow a child’s skills to be targeted using items and situations that the child has contact with on a daily basis. Social skills can be targeted with parents and siblings using toys and items owned by the family that are familiar to the child. This also allows our staff to observe the child’s behavior, as well as observe interactions between the child, parents and any siblings. In-home ABA therapy creates opportunities such as learning to prepare meals in the kitchen, cleaning up toys in their bedroom or socializing with siblings in a play area.

Family involvement is an important component in the delivery of ABA therapy at home. ABA specialist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) have frequent contact with the parents or guardians and the family is able to observe our staff providing the treatment plan on a daily basis.

At the start, a BCBA will meet the family in the home to conduct an assessment. Once treatment begins, the BCBA will provide ongoing supervision to the services.

Social & Functional Skills Objectives:

  • Establishing social communication skills
  • Natural environment safety skills
  • Independent leisure skills
  • Appropriately participating in family and community activities
  • Participating in personal and medical appointments (ex. haircut)

One of our goals is to develop the lifelong ability to experience these events in a positive productive manner.

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We provide a full-set of evidence-backed ABA therapy treatment services to clients in their home, community, or at one of our centers. Our clinical staff is highly qualified, trained and committed to meeting the needs of our clients.



Our centers offer a structured environment to effectively delivery ABA therapy. A fun and productive environment to receive intensive treatment while also meeting and interactive with other children.

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