Staying On Target

Kaleidoscope ABA is Committed to
Ethical Standards and Corporate Compliance

Kaleidoscope ABA’s goal is to provide quality services while meeting high standards for ethical business practices and compliance with laws and regulations. All staff members can play a role helping ensure that we are “Staying on Target” with that goal.

Staff Members can submit a report (confidential and/or anonymous) through this website, call our hotline at 800-913-3530, contact the Compliance Officer directly at 484-381-3041 or send an email to to report issues or concerns about suspected fraud, waste, or other improper or unethical business practices or regulatory compliance concerns by any employee, management or executive team member, vendor/independent contractor, or other person associated with the agency.

Examples of concerns employees are expected to report include:

  • Theft of company property
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Misleading documentation
  • Any kind of false billing claims
  • Misuse of funds, time and attendance
  • Documenting or claiming services that were not provided
  • Other violation of the Compliance Program

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